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Michael Lambert

Michael Lambert is a Toronto-based photographer and lighting specialist originally from Budapest, Hungary, with over 20 years experience in photography and video production.

Michael began his career as a light and sound technician in 2002, and in 2007 became the technical manager of a market-leading communications agency in Budapest. It was there he gained the knowledge and responsibilities for the technical background of large-scale events and clients which include T-Mobile Hungary, Nokia, Lexus and Budapest Airport. For these events Michael was responsible for the design and management of the audiovisual experience and coordination of the technical crew.

In 2007, Michael also began video editing which led to the purchase of his first DSLR in 2011 to learn videography. He was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many large companies, where highly knowledgeable mentors aided his professional development.

In 2014, Michael became the co-founder of Terem 22 Studio in Budapest, which became one of the most creative photo studios in Hungary. He worked with over one hundred photographers as a lighting specialist. He was the organizer and instructor at many workshops where he also began to teach privately. He maintained a continual focus on understanding lights and creating unique lighting setups.

After moving to Chicago in 2016, Michael became the Head of Production at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video. 3 years later he moved to Toronto. Currently, he is Studio Manager at MDC Media Group and Project Manager of virtual events at ACS Productions, while he is enjoying all the new opportunities, inspirations, and experiences of what a different culture can provide to a photographer.

In June 2017, Michael was invited to be an exhibiting artist at Artspace8, a modern gallery in The Gold Coast of Chicago specializing in contemporary fine art. Michael continues to embark on new creative projects for his clients as an artist, photographer and video producer.

About my artwork:

“Two influential factors guided my path in becoming an artist. My mother used to be a gobelin (tapestry) artist using the classic french weaving technique, and I greatly admired her artwork and passion. The other factor is my 20 years experience of working with different methods of lighting. Ever since I became a photographer, my specialties has been unique lighting, finding interesting angles and spots on location and discovering new and fresh creative concepts.

The pictures are about the beauty or drama shown through my own artistic vision. Black and white photography provides me with more variety in lighting, thereby reducing the intensity of the naked body and increasing the dramatic mood of the pictures.”